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Humanity's Saving Grace by Alex Binkley


Reviewed by Martin Bueno

An extra-terrestrial has made first contact with humans. Meet Humbaw, a reptilian, aquamarine, scaly and above all, intelligent Being with telepathic powers. He is a Dinosauroid with short forearms, but a leader of galactic proportion faced with a relentless enemy and only one race to turn to for help. The future earth dwellers or Terrans are called upon to accomplish what humans do instinctively, go to battle to fight a foe with courage and bravery using the Being’s advanced technology.

Are earthlings willing to meet the challenge of fighting a mercenary war for an unknown alien species? The rewards are grand for earth, a reversal of pollution, but the perils are ominous.

When earth accepts the offer, the Beings and their robots, the Biobots integrate with Terrans to meet the formidable foe, who in turn have enslaved the Nameless.

Alex Binkley, a freelance journalist, keeps the momentum of this skillfully paced Space Odyssey. Humanity’s Saving Grace will entertain and delight Science Fiction fans everywhere.

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