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Welcome to ORB's October 2023 Issue

October in Canada is a great time to curl up with a new book and gaze out the window at the kaleidoscope of Fall colours. In this issue, we offer our take on four new titles hot off the press. Leading our reviews is Caroline Vu's third novel, Catinat Boulevard, a rich and rewarding tapestry of the impact of the Vietnam War on a colourful cast of characters. Luise von Flotow's brilliant translation from the French of Swiss author Rinny Gremaud's All the World's a Mall takes us across three continents to visit the world's greatest shopping extravaganzas, while Josh Cook offers us a humourous look at the bookseller's universe in The Art of Libromancy. Finally, this month's line-up is rounded off by Ottawa author Mike Martin's latest Sergeant Windflower mystery, All That Glitters.


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