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The Bones of the Past by Craig Munro

Reviewed by Benoit Chartier

Beren and Maura are citizens of Sacral, a city that has only just reappeared from its secret place after a thousand years, only to become the target of foul plots. As a master runesmith, Beren must use his knowledge to help the defense of the city by injecting magic into weapons and implements. Maura will be tested in other ways.

Salt is a sailor who became the unwitting victim of a witch and was saved by the Night Guard, the elite soldiers of the city of Bialta. After a night of celebration, Salt finds himself a new member of that group, and must train hard to become a worthy soldier.

Nial is a young girl who’s lost her mother, and her father, a smith, is wasting all their money on drink in the lower city. Every night he comes home and unleashes his ire upon the girl. One day, however, a young demoness from another dimension comes to her aid, and from that point forth, they become fused as one.

There are many more characters, and many more stories to be told in this world, and Munro brings them all to the fore in a logical and methodical way. The reader progresses at a natural pace, even though, once the book is considered as a whole, there is a lot to remember. The world-building is flawless, and every character knows his or her place, jostling for supremacy in this wild environment.

Each city-state was constructed with care, and has unique characteristics. One feels the size and the girth of constructions while reading, and once again, it is effortless. I think the thing I enjoyed the most was the feeling of being there, along with the myriad characters, as a bird over their shoulder might, following each story.

How much did I enjoy this book? I read it in one sitting. I am very much looking forward to the second in the series, and every other book that Munro comes out with after that.

The Bones of the Past is published by Inkshares.

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